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Staff Contacts

Estrella Foothills staff contacts are below. Click on the staff member’s name to be directed to their class webpage if available.

Grade Level/ Area Name Email Address
Principal Erin Lebish
Assistant Principal Asia Glover
Secretary Erica Madrueno
Attendance Clerk Tehani Smith
Receptionist Christine Leal
Instructional Coach Joree Schneider
Instructional Coach Christine Iwinski
Health Associate Tracy Capaul
District Nurse Stephanie Soto
Psychologist Michael Martinez
Counselor Kaycie Osterday
Preschool Michelle Ross
Preschool Rachel Flores
Preschool Meghan Lawrence
Preschool Jessica Woods
Kindergarten Holly Toohey
Kindergarten Nicole Tellez
Kindergarten Shay Montoya
Kindergarten Angela DeOrta
1st Grade Lisa Escobar
1st Grade Shy Pierson
1st Grade Ericka Rodriguez
1st Grade Jessie Raymond
2nd Grade Cassidy Voise
2nd Grade Sarah Gonzalez
2nd Grade Elizabeth Whitson
3rd Grade Shelby Kanode
3rd Grade Miranda Sakkas
3rd Grade Katrina Conley
4th Grade Cameron Carter
4th Grade Veronica Cortez
4th Grade Jennifer Lewis
4th Grade Debbie Vasquez
5th Grade Justin Besonen
5th Grade Carrie Vail
5th Grade Alan Meihak
5th Grade Brittany Adair
6th Grade Scott Fraser
6th Grade Kim Reilly
6th Grade Lisa Payne
7th & 8th Grade Dale Hensarling
7th & 8th Grade Elizabeth Swafford
7th & 8th Grade Jennifer Burnap
7th & 8th Grade Emily Grant
7th & 8th Grade Cynthia Williams
7th/8th Grade Jayne Fortier
Mandarin Ziron Qiao
Spanish Esther Cornejo
P.E. Aldo Robles
Art Sydney Wild
Band/Music Tonya Hensarling
Library Jennifer Schneider
Resource Jazmin Rodriguez
Resource Kristine Tolman
Speech Kim Gilbert
Gifted IC Shalane Harris
ELA Program Lorrie Jaquez
ELA Program Joy Williams
OT Veronica Lopez
PT Carolyn Apfelbach
Cafeteria Manager Mayra Ocampo