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Staff Contacts

Estrella Foothills staff contacts are below. Click on the staff member’s name to be directed to their class webpage if available.

Grade Level/ Area Name Room Phone Extension Email Address
Principal Sarah Zembruski Office 3900
Assistant Principal Erin Lebish Office 3900
Secretary Erica Madrueno Office 3901
Attendance Clerk Tehani Smith Office 3903
Receptionist Maria Rodriguez Office 3900
Health Associate Mia Carillo Office 3906
Psychologist Michael Martinez Office 3907
Counselor Kendra Stowe Ofili Office 3908
Counselor Erica Hair Office 3908
Preschool Coordinator Sally Tully A133 3926
Preschool Michelle Ross A141 3927
Preschool Rachel Flores A143 3928
Kindergarten Irene Cooper A128 3930
Kindergarten Shay Montoya A130 3931
1st Grade Lisa Escobar A147 3935
1st Grade Shy Pierson A148 3936
2nd Grade Kasey Salteri A168 3943
2nd Grade Sade Rivera A167 3942
3rd Grade Shelby Bradshaw A170 3946
3rd Grade Miranda Udave A169 3945
4th Grade Katrina Conley A214 3953
4th Grade Carrie Vail A213 3952
5th Grade Justin Besonen A223 3957
5th Grade Nick Plantz A224 3958
6th Grade Scott Fraser A226 3961
6th Grade Jennifer Burnap A225 3960
7th & 8th Grade Math Jayne Fortier A239 3965
7th & 8th Grade Individuals and Societies Harrison Davis A234 3962
7th & 8th Grade ELA Natalie Urick A240 3966
7th & 8th Grade Science Cynthia Williams A228 3982
Mandarin Xinyi Tan A212 3979
P.E. Aldo Robles B116 3987
Art Sydney Wild
Band Katiana Rachev 107 3986
Music Katiana Rachev 109 3985
Library Jennifer Schneider 3909
Resource Dora Barnes A219 3979
Cafeteria Manager Mayra Ocampo  B 3912